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DARLA awakens with great fear, amnesia sets the stage

with a drama that isn’t expected. She struggles to

rediscover her identity and longs for the security that

has been ripped from her life. Now she is running

from an unknown menace that threatens her freedom

and future. Then the unimaginable happens, her

nightmare becomes real. Her struggle intensifies against

immense odds… will she be able to fight the evil and

stay alive?

DARLA travels a road that destiny has laid out before her. 
Her struggle to find herself and keep the happiness she has 
found becomes her deepest desire. The one evil that continues 
to track her is DARLA'S greatest fear. Finding love and 
Jonathan is her only link to safety, the bond they develop and 
the intimacy they share grows stronger everyday. Longing to be 
together ignites the fire that brings them closer each day.

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